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About this service :

WordPress website domain migration: We will handle the entire migration process, including transferring your WordPress website to a new domain name or changing the domain registrar while preserving all the website content, design, and functionality.
Domain setup and configuration: We will assist you in setting up the new domain and configuring the necessary DNS settings, including A records, CNAME records, and other required records, to ensure proper website functionality.
Website testing and verification: We will thoroughly test the migrated website to ensure that all pages, links, forms, and functionalities are working correctly on the new domain.
SEO and redirection setup: If required, we will help you set up proper SEO redirects and ensure that search engines are properly notified about the domain change to maintain your website’s search rankings and traffic.
Ongoing support: We will provide you with post-migration support to address any concerns or issues that may arise after the migration, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for your WordPress website.


Why choose our service ?

Expertise and experience: We stay updated with the latest techniques and best practices to ensure a seamless and secure migration process.
Attention to detail: We understand the criticality of preserving the integrity of your website during the migration. We will pay close attention to every detail to ensure that all aspects of your website, including content, design, and functionality, are migrated successfully.
Data security: We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your website data during the migration process. We take necessary precautions to ensure a secure transfer of your website to the new domain.
Timely execution: We understand the importance of minimizing downtime during the migration. We work efficiently to complete the domain migration within the agreed-upon timeframe, ensuring minimal disruption to your website visitors and business operations.


How it works:

  1. Place the order and a dedicated Project manager will connect with you.
  2. Provide details about your current WordPress website, the desired new domain name or domain registrar, and any specific requirements or concerns you have regarding the migration.
  3. Share access to your WordPress admin dashboard, domain registrar account, and hosting control panel to facilitate the migration process.
  4. We will discuss your goals and any additional services you require, such as SEO redirects or specific DNS configurations.
  5. We will assess your website’s complexity, size, and customization to determine the estimated timeframe and any potential challenges.
  6. Once the migration plan is finalized, we will initiate the migration process and transfer your WordPress website to the new domain.
  7. After the migration, we will conduct thorough testing to ensure that everything is functioning correctly and resolve any issues if found.

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